Inspiring Motion Graphics
Thoughtful in our approach, we deliver top quality motion graphics, animation and moving images with fruitful results that are dynamic in design and innovative in nature.
Distinctive Video Production
Splurj Creative is a video production company whose strengths lie in creativity. We’re focused on creating distinctive and engaging visual experiences for everyone, and with a keen eye for detail, strong creative and technical ability, we love opportunities to create ideas, bring them to life and truly capture your audience's attention.
Creative Visual Design
We eat, breath and sleep creativity. We have trained hard to become masters in the digital arts. So if you need a corporate, promotional, online visual marketing tool that is sure to get noticed and bring you a great return on your investment then please give us a call to discuss your project.

Creative Motion Graphics, Animation, Video Production & Design in Manchester, UK.

A small but efficient all-round creative studio focused on creating engaging visual experiences for everyone. We’re skilled motion, animation, video and graphics designers who love opportunities to create great ideas and bring them to life. Thoughtful in our approach, we produce fruitful results that are dynamic in design and innovative in nature.

Splurj Creative

Motion Showreel


‘Never Go Back’ Hip Hop Music Video

Hi Mobile

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Astellas Pharma US

Corporate Communications Video
Logo Designs
Logo Designs

Logo Designs

See some of our logo designs

Beatrice Eli

‘Conqueror’ Music Video

The Prince’s Trust

DVD Title Sequence Design

Where’s Strutter?

‘Questions’ Music Video

Don’t just take our word for it… here’s what others say about us!

  • Scott has proved himself to be one of the most committed and hardworking students it has been 
my privilege to know. He is pro-active in his attitude, an effective communicator, and is a popular 
member of the group that is liked by both staff and fellow students.
 He has 
excellent development skills, produces work that is intelligent, dynamic and of a very high 
standard, and is highly self motivated with a willingness to succeed.

    Frank FitzpatrickSenior Lecturer, The University Centre Oldham
  • @splurj is a f**king lord… end of!

    Virus SyndicateManchester Dubstep/Hip-Hop Music Group
  • I worked alongside Scott at Fluid Creativity for three years where we developed a great friendship. We still share ideas and inspiration to this day and I admire his eagerness to try new things, bend the rules and test his abilities to the max. I'm sure he'll go very far, live his dream of becoming a successful motion designer and end up somewhere that he can use his skills to their full potential.

    Mark CahillEx-colleague at Fluid Creativity, Friend
  • I have known Scott professionally for over two years. In all that time I have found him to be an extremely accomplished, talented, creative and multi-skilled designer. He is a thoughtful and articulate individual who approaches work in a very professional manner and works well within a team. He is a self starter and possesses a very strong work ethic. If Scott has a fault the only one I can think of is you will occasionally have to tell him to go home.

    Terry RushworthLecturer, The University Centre Oldham
  • 'Turn It Up' was a departure from the norm, for an Us3 track, in that it didn’t really have any “music” per se, although I still consider it jazz-influenced as it’s all about rhythm. It’s more “jazz-crunk” than “jazz-funk”. I had never used a green screen facility before, and this worked perfectly. This time the video was all about the post-production, and Scott did a great job, the end result looks amazing.

    Geoff WilkinsonUs3
  • Standing out in the already overcrowded electronic dance music world can be trying and hard sometimes, but it just got a little easier thanks to @Splurj who feverishly designed my unique DJ logo. I am now the proud owner of a shiny new logo design and brand image that reflects me and my music. Thank you Scott.

    DJ FaroucheEDM DJ and Producer
  • At the video shoot, everyone taking part just came in and played their various roles in front of the camera. It was then up to the video director to edit it according to his vision. When I saw the final version, I was really astonished how it had turned out. It's a real skill to edit down hours of footage to only a few minutes. Thank you, Editor, for allowing me to experience different aspects of life.

    Enocia JosephOnly One Exists
  • For 'The Love Of My Life' I wanted live footage and nice graphics and set about trawling the internet. Stumbling upon Scott’s music video for D-Tox I knew he was the man for the job. His work was fresh, genuinely different, and full of ideas. He was an absolute joy to work with and the result surpassed even my expectations, capturing the romantic mood of the song perfectly, while giving it a definite edge with his graphics and editing skills.

    Geoff WilkinsonUs3
  • @splurj is dope. Two projects together, both with time against us, both brilliant products. Respect the work ethos.

    Aaisha DadralMusic Marketing, Management & Branding Consultant
  • His approach to his work is methodical and logical and he fully explores a wide range of possible solutions to his projects. He possesses an extremely good understanding of the creative process, realising the importance of ideas, research and development. He also displays a particular flair for attention to detail which is consistent through all his work. He is technically proficient, possesses excellent typographic skills, and demonstrates the ability to work in a variety of media.

    Dave PughHead of Visual Arts, The Oldham College
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